Afraid of Moving? This Article is for You!
November 20, 2018
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While moving to another state, you’ll find that it’s tricky to get your cumbersome items like your bed, couch, and armoir onto the truck by yourself. If you’re short on time to get things loaded or unloaded and need a few sets of hands to aid in the process, let us help you. All you need to do is fill out the below form to get up to three different moving quotes from reliable moving companies, compare the estimates and save money. We’ll help you locate same day moving services at bargain rates.

That’s it, the boxes are finished and the day  has finally arrived! After a long month of preparation, everything is ready and the move will be taking place. But be careful, even if it is the movers who will do most of the work, it is not over yet. You will have to prepare your home so that the movers can do their job safely, and coach them during the move and answer their questions so that they can work effectively, and avoid the boondoggles!

Small anecdote: On a day d, a customer had put his personal belongings in a corner in order to take them with him in his new home. Except for the fact that he did not warn the movers, his stuffs were in a box at the bottom of the truck. Lack of luck, the keys of the new apartment were buried by the belongings that had already been loaded onto the truck. At the time of departure, the customer noticed it, and it was necessary to unload all the truck to be able to recover the keys and to close the apartment before leaving towards the new housing (400 km away)!

There are a number of advantages to using a trusted moving company, and professional movers can save you time and safely move even the heaviest of items. However, even with all the great work they do, there are a few things most moving companies will not do for a standard move. Here are some tips to prepare for the arrival of  your moving crew in the best way possible and prevent this kind of situation from happening to you!

1) Group the boxes and separate them from the personal belongings

If you did not hire white glove packing service from your moving crew, then you need to make sure of the following:

Before the arrival of movers, group all your moving boxes in the same room if possible, preferably in a room near the entrance of your home. This will allow the movers to save time and especially to see more clearly during the move. Gather in another room your personal belongings that you want to transport yourself and notify ALL movers that they do not have to load them into the truck.

2) Clear the access

Try to clear the corridors as well as the entrance to the apartment to facilitate the progress of movers in your home. The movers will thank you!

This will not only make the move easier to the movers, but will also ensure that your belongings are not threatened by possible obstacles in the way of the movers while being carried onto the truck.

3) Unhook what is on the wall / unplug electrical appliances

Unplugging electrical appliances before removal. It is necessary that you remove all that is fixed or attached to the wall, mainly frames, paintings, wall shelves, rods etc. You must also have disconnected all your electrical appliances (TV, stereo, but also oven, fridge, etc). Indeed, movers are not authorized for this kind of work (insurance policies) and will not be able to take care of it.

According to a moving company:

While most moving companies will be willing to move large appliances during a standard move, they cannot help with unplugging. When it comes to your refrigerator or washing machine, you’ll either need to disconnect them yourself or hire an appliance service company. Moving company employees aren’t typically trained to disconnect these types of items, but will certainly move them after they have been disconnected.

4) Prepare your household appliances

Defrost your freezer/fridge and drain your washing machine and dishwasher. You can also block the drum of your washing machine to avoid the worries during the transport in the case of a long distance move. This last tip has been found very helpful to our customers who are moving from states like New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Connecticut, etc.

You will be surprised at how much time you can save or waste by doing it or ignoring this last tip.

5) Prepare the furniture

Dismounting movable furniture. For furniture to dismount, the ideal is to prepare the manual to help movers to dismount the furniture in question. Highlight it by placing/taping the user’s manual on the furniture in to be transported. Clearly indicate which furniture should not be moved. Optionally, install a color code if you have multiple moving destinations. For example, if your furniture are being delivered to another city within the same state, you can tag those items with a color tag that’s different to the items being delivered to another state.

You can give the mover a map of your new home so they can find their way around and put the furniture in the right place upon arrival.
And you who have already moved, what are your tips for improving the day? Feel free to leave your comments, we will integrate the best tips in our article!