Moving Companies

Moving Companies help people and businesses move their goods from an origin location to a different address. Sometimes storing services are required when goods don't have a defined destination location. Here at State to State Movers, our partners provide all inclusive services for relocations like storage, packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking, etc.

Some of the Moving Companies We Work With:


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Why Us?

Avoid costly vanlines or inflated rates by letting us distribute your quote among prescreened and direct carriers, to ensure that your estimates make financial sense.
We work only with certified and insured moving companies that guarantee the best possible handling for your goods. On top of that, our partners are required to add an insurance to your shipment to protect you in any case.
The moving companies we work with have found a pricing methodology that allows them to be affordable and fair when calculating the cost of your move. That is, they charge you only for the service you're using and the goods your are moving.