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August 9, 2018
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At State to State Movers, you’ll find that no matter where you turn, we have one focus and one focus only: to find you the best fit possible when it comes to long distance moving companies. We look to keep your move as stress-free and positive as possible. Why? Because Americans list moving as one of life’s most stressful events in their lives – just behind the death of a loved one, divorce, job relocation or else, we have a proven track record of changing that perception.

According to our moving partners (Allied Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines, State to State Move, Two Men and a Truck, etc.) almost half of the people moving said housing was the reason they relocated. Those reasons include wanting better neighborhoods and better homes, wanting to own rather than rent a house or apartment, and less pleasant reasons like being evicted.

Regardless of the reasons for the move and whether or not its considered an accomplishment or a step-backwards, moving to a new residence disrupts one’s daily life and adds a variety of chores and a list of to-do’s that, at times, can be overwhelming. By being there to assist with your move as much as needed, our platform helps you find the right moving company and puts you in a privileged position to compare the most advantageous moving quotes, thus, allowing you to reduce a significant amount of stress.

By delegating the chores of moving your entire household or personal goods (like automobile, storage unit, etc.) to the mover of your choice, you literally avoid having to deal with the drudgery of the entire moving process. Imagine simply driving to your new address and finding all the belongings that you’ve accumulated and treasured for years, unpacked, in place and ready for you to enjoy in your new home. That’s the intent of our website and booking system. From packing your belongings, to safely and promptly delivering them and even unpacking them according to your specifications and personal needs. Partnering with the best long-distance moving companies, our pre-screened moving companies have the experience and skill that shines through in everything they do, delivering peace of mind along with your belongings. For detailed moving quotes that are sure to be both accurate and budget-friendly.

Why we are sure that you will save money with us?

One of the reasons why we know that our moving partners will provide you with an accurate and budget friendly estimate, is because we require them to collect a detailed inventory of the items you’ll be moving. Now, based on their size (usually calculated on cubic feet), distance of your move, special services (stairs, long walk, elevator, shuttle, storage, etc.) and weight, you get to know an estimate that is close or exactly equal to your final moving cost.

To better understand why this is a great strategy to save you money, we need to understand that moving companies charge, among other things, for the usage of their entire truck, but we know that it would not be fair to get charged for an entire truck if you don’t need it all! What about if  you are not the only one traveling to the same destination and the container of the truck can be segmented in a way that the cost of truck is afforded by you and others?

Evidently, there are instances where people might want to pay for the full truck, regardless of the space they’re needing for their transported goods. But that’s an option, not a default business model.

I remember that one client asked us via email once that he was concerned for his goods to be mixed with other people’s goods. It is a valid concern but to clarify further, our partners use an inventory distribution system that separates each client’s belongings in compartments. Boxes are appropriately grouped together in the client’s appointed segment within the truck.

In technical terms, our moving partners use a Truck Loading Software which helps them to plan, create, edit, print and maintain multi-product load plans so that they won’t ship empty space or waste time manually calculating how many products can be loaded on their containers and trucks.


Loading Truck Software

Now, if our safety management certifications are not enough to make the case of our professional handling, then I refer you to check with our moving partners about their insurance protection which guarantees a coverage for $0.60 per pound of transported good. Now, if you are transporting highly valuable items such as jewelry, etc. Then you can always ask about a more suitable protection program and we assure you that they will provide you with plenty of options to enhance you with the peace of mind that you deserve.

One recent study that we performed, helped us find that our users/clients saved from 20 up to 60% of their initial moving cost compared to other self-acclaimed affordable and top rated moving companies. Of course, there are great moving companies out there, even reputable moving companies that have been around for about a century, but the devil might be in the details. Due to the volume of daily jobs they service, the diversity of requests and keeping in mind the profitability that must be drawn from their brands, their quotes are far from being cheap. At the end of the day, you are the only one who considers what’s best to your move, assets and pocket. If you have gotten this far, is because you have followed the central claim of this article; Quote→Compare→Save!

In case of more doubts or questions you can contact us at or simply head over to the “Moving Company” page to fill the form and get in touch with us, we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions or clarify any doubt you may be entertaining.